Love is the proof.


I think in the depths of every thinking believer’s heart there are unguarded and seldom-mentioned moments when we wonder, “What if this whole Christianity thing is a hoax? What if I’m buying into all this just because I need something big and wonderful to believe in?” So many questions come up when we stand back and let our minds wander. I assume I’m not the only one who has experienced this?!

There is probably someone reading this who is worried that I’ve gone off the deep end to think such things, but don’t get me wrong. I don’t mention having these thoughts because I don’t believe. I am simply admitting that there have been plenty of moments when I have had some big questions.

At some point in my winding journey I decided that if God is all He claims to be, He can hold up to my doubts. If He really is the Great I Am, He probably isn’t pacing the floors of Heaven, biting His nails and fretting from a lack of validation by me. If His Word has survived centuries upon centuries without ceasing to exist, in spite of misinterpretations and misrepresentation, surely He is more than a nice idea invented by desperate fools. No other “nice idea” has endured that kind of history.

But this, I know. When we reduce Him to a smaller, more “manageable” God whom we can wrap our little brains around, we create a poor substitute who is no better than our understanding. The only way He can be Who He claims to be is to be unfathomable. For this reason, believers carry an incredible responsibility to be authentic about Him.

The moment we can “explain” Him away with easy answers, is the moment when it’s no longer about Him. It becomes about our need to be right. I’m starting to wonder if any intelligent person who chooses faith will ever really choose Him because they finally understand Him logically. What if the only proof came with being moved by His love?! The thing is… you just can’t argue with love. And even if you try to argue, love wins. It just does.

We can do a lot of damage trying to be right about everything. Or we can REALLY prove the existence of God by allowing His most irresistible quality – His love – to shine through our transparency.  If everyone who is struggling with what to believe began to feel a consistent groundswell of genuine, selfless, no-strings-attached, non-controlling, holy LOVE – this planet would most definitely be transformed into a very, very different place.   I’d like that.  Wouldn’t you?!

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  1. Well said, Emily. Comedian Brian Regan said it something like this, I don’t want to worship a God I can understand. If my little brain can understand Him, he isn’t big enough to run this world, let alone create it.

    As you know I’m a scientist and I had to come to some level of intellectual understanding of God and “religion”, before I could dive in. However, when I have those moments of wondering if all this is real, it’s the moments where I see His Love that always convince me.

    Thanks Emily!


  2. You know Em, the cool thing about all of this is that I can just imagine you sitting there having this conversation. I love how you can write as if you talking to someone. It is sort of like we are all privy to your private conversations even though we are not actually there. Bravo sista!

    Oh and for the record…I have had that unspoken question about Christianity but never really vocalized it. Thanks for putting it in writing. Sort of takes away the power of the question by laying it out there.


  3. Love is The Proof. Emily I was thinking along the lines that you were thing but in a different way. I just found out that I have a mass in the lower left lobe of my left lung. My dr. told me that he wishes that he could tell me that it is begning, but since it has grown so fast and spread so much in the past 2 mths. that I am looking at cancer. I am having surgery on Thurs 1/8/08 at 3:30 to have the lower left lobe of my left lung removed. I will turn 50 in Jan. My fear is what if I don’t go to Heaven. I have been saved for over 25 yrs. Jesus lives within in me and walks with me everyday. I feel his presence very strongly. The Holy Spirit walks ever beside me and has touched me in ways that you would have to see to believe. I have belonged to Gaithernet for 8 yrs. now. I enjoy reading your blog. God has blessed you to do what you do with you work. He has also blessed you with the words that you speak that have touched lives like mine. Thank you for letting me share. Jerri Ward (katypooh43)


  4. Jerri,

    It’s overwhelming to think that the words I type would reach across miles and circumstances to the place where you are. I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am to hear about your diagnosis. There are simply no words…

    Jesus was very clear when he said that we can be sure of our eternal destination. He said in John 6:47, “I’m telling you the most solemn and sober truth now: Whoever believes in me has real life, eternal life.”

    Belief isn’t a promise of perfection or a level of understanding we attain. It’s simply a choice we make to trust His love. And it sounds like to me it is a choice you have consciously made. He loves you and wants nothing more than to spend eternity with you. I wish more people realized how anxious He is to love us into Heaven. No hoops to jump through… we simply respond to His love.

    Please keep me posted on how you’re doing.



  5. Emily,

    This is a wonderful post! Our Father has given you a wonderful talent and I know He is so pleased that you explain Him and know Him so well.



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