When imperfection is perfect.

cough-med1Today, my husband and I celebrate 19 years together. So last night, after all day of sneezing, blowing my nose and hacking up my lungs, I had a confession to make. I just had to put it out there so we wouldn’t have a disappointing anniversary.

“Tomorrow is our anniversary… I’ve done zero shopping and I don’t have card.” There. I said it.

I watched his face change. But it wasn’t a look of hurt. It was a look of relief. His face lit up with a truly authentic smile before he spoke, “I haven’t either!”

So we agreed that, at least for today, it doesn’t take a card and a gift to prove that we’ve never been more grateful or more committed to each other. Sure it’s important to be thoughtful. And we will celebrate when we’re not fighting colds, and deadlines, and scheduling craziness. But this is one of those days when the most perfect way we could possibly express our affection is to let ourselves off the hook.

We’ve had a truly drama-filled year. I won’t even begin to list all the wild twists and turns we’ve experienced in 2008. So there is no cheesy card or gift we could exchange that would say, “I’m here for the long haul” quite like surviving the roller coaster of 2008 together.

So… we exchanged greetings on Facebook. We got flowers from some thoughtful family members. And in-between cough medicine dosages and phone appointments, we have basked in the relief that comes in knowing, on this 19th anniversary, our imperfect celebration is just perfect. We’re covered in grace.

6 thoughts on “When imperfection is perfect.

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  1. Covered indeed!!!

    A blessed day and many more years in love and service to and for our blessed Saviour.
    So sorry you are sick, too much stress does that, to our immune systems, huh!?
    I will pray for quick healing and a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    ps Mucinex Minimelts for Kids is great for adults too!!!! :=)


  2. Hi Em,
    So glad to find out about this. You know I am one of your biggest fans and have known for years that God had created you for a special purpose. I am still waiting for that book you ARE GOING to write!

    Happy Anniversary to you and Scott. We love you both.

    By the way, got your bags packed yet? Can’t wait for the 9th.

    Love to all


  3. Congrats to the both of you. You don’t need to do anythiing sometimes but share your lives to know you love each other. More power to you both.


  4. Happy Anniversary on your marriage. I hope you have best day and Anniversary.
    Happy Anniversary to you and Scott.


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