Somewhere Over the 7th Rainbow

ruby-slippersOkay, I know you may not believe me when I tell you this.  But here goes anyway.  Today… just three weeks after seeing six rainbows in one day in Hawaii… I saw a 7th one just outside Houston, Texas.  Then, about 10 minutes later, an 8th — and it was a DOUBLE rainbow!   (To be fair, the 8th one may or may not have been the other end of the 7th, but since it was a double I’d say it counts as at least two today.)  Regardless,  the tally still sits at more than 7 rainbows during December, of all months.  After the year I’ve had, I am choosing to believe that more than seven December  rainbows is more than an unlikely coincidence.  I am now convinced that these beauties are my own personal symbol of hope.  (For those who didn’t read about the first six rainbows and why they meant so much to me, check out the December 21st post called This Ain’t Prettyville.) 


I tried to get pictures of today’s rainbows with my camera phone to prove that I’m really not making this up.  But I was riding in the car and could not get a shot of it to save my life!  So you’ll just have trust me, I guess. 


All I know is that I’m somewhere over the 7th rainbow, and skies may or may not be blue… but I sure do hope the song is right and the dreams that we dare to dream really do come true.  I’m quite sure Isaiah 49:23 is right when the Lord promises, “…those who hope in me will not be disappointed.”  I’m definitely not disappointed.  That’s for sure.

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  1. Well Emily, Elaine is Rainbow Lady on, but we are going to have to give you that title on Facebook 🙂 …that is so kewl!!!!!! 😉


  2. Emily How wonderful! I truly believe in Rainbows! My best-friend’s Mom passed serval years ago after surviving ovarian cancer for 13 years. She absolutely loved rainbows and often dressed in rainbow colors. After her passing we got a rainbow, I think it was her way of letting us know she was ok. There have been numerous times when things were tough that a rainbow appeared out of nowhere and during times a rainbow shouldn’t have been seen! Sometimes, it is not complete, just a hint of one around a sun set, but always when we need sign of everything is going to be ok!


  3. Em, you won’t believe this but I saw a rainbow in Fishers on Monday before Christmas. I was exiting from 37/69 onto 116th to go to Dr. Cartleton’s and to my left was this amazing vertical rainbow. I looked around to see if I could see the other side of it but it looked like it just went straight up into the sky…out of the blue…very cool. So maybe that rainbow was for you but I got to peek at it too!


  4. Wonderful message, Emily. I believe rainbows truly are symbols of hope.

    When my dad passed away from cancer in 1984, the pastor mentioned rainbows in his sermon. Later that afternoon, we arrived back home to discover a beautiful, full rainbow that appeared to touch down right in our back yard, even though there had been no rain that day! Coincidence? I think not.

    We believe that was God’s way of telling us that dad was now with Him, and that all was well.

    Thanks for the reminder of a beautiful moment during a most painful time.



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