Happy Friday!

happy-fridayToday is worth celebrating.  We’ve survived another week.  Hopefully we have learned things we didn’t know last Friday and they didn’t do us in.  We’re facing a weekend where hopefully we can connect with ourselves, our family and God.  And, here in Indiana at least, it’s almost Spring!


This week I’ve had to make moment-by-moment choices to prioritize many, many important things (not the least of which was my family and my own sanity) while cranking out copious amounts of work and stopping to refill spiritually and physically when I could tell I was drawing from a dry well.  So I’m celebrating this Friday because somehow the week came off without any major catastrophies or meltdowns!


I’m learning that the busier I get, the more self-centered I get.  Why is that??  I guess because the sense of balance is messed up between everyone else’s needs and my ability to meet the demand… so I start trying to scratch that “itch” by turning inward and trying to make myself feel better.  I don’t like that… I’m asking God to help me achieve balance; to help me get over myself to do what He has called me to do in all the different areas of my life… yet also to help me see the red flags when my soul and body need TLC.


He is faithful, my friends.  He interacts with us more than we realize if we’re paying attention.  Often, I’m clueless. But He is NEVER clueless.  He knows so well what we need, when we need it.  And He is happy to let us know when we want to hear it. 


So… I hope He blesses your weekend with whatever you need as He has done this week in my world.

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  1. Emily, I finally found you. I was so busy trying to find myself and feel safe on the new Gaither site that I had not been able to find you. I had missed your writings. It amazes me that you find something good in every situation, and you always give me something to think about. Thanks for all of your hard work. Everything is awesome.



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