The Noticer, by Andy Andrews

the-noticer Before I ever held a copy in my hands, it seemed like everyone I knew was reading The Noticer, talking about it, or wanted to read it.  The premise intrigued me –  a mysterious man known simply as “Jones” shows up at critical moments in a number of individuals’ lives to offer wisdom and perspective that sets them on a new and better path. That sounded interesting; after all, who doesn’t want to become acquainted with wisdom that turns lives around?

What really made me want to read it, however, is the fact that I had met the author.  Andy Andrews was the keynote speaker at an event my company hosted in Myrtle Beach, SC, in 2008.   On-stage he was fascinating, funny and brilliant… but the man I met backstage trumped all that.  He was genuine, he introduced himself to me, he used my name in the conversation and asked what I do.  I knew he was a best-selling author, but he didn’t take the opportunity to play his “celebrity card” (the really great ones don’t have to).  Suddenly, I was dying to read his books because I was sold on the author.

One page into The Noticer, I was delighted to discover that this book offers a real life account of Andy’s story that I never would have imagined when I met him.  His life was radically changed by the wisdom and perspective of this unlikely “noticer” — and now we’re all benefiting, too!

A surprisingly quick read for all the substance packed into it, this now-bestseller drew me in quickly.  I’d sit up late at night to finish “one more chapter,” turning down page corners to mark places I knew I’d want to revisit. I highly recommend buying a copy, marking it up & keeping it handy!

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  1. Hi Emily,

    I just signed up to the book reviews too! Smiles… Hopefully I get to read this book as well. Seems like everybody is reading it!~

    Thanks for the review! God bless!


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