“Fearless” by Max Lucado

fearless-coverFear “drives the bus” for so many of us and takes us to places we never wanted to go.  A few months ago this idea of living fearlessly really gripped me because I could see how fear was holding me back and crippling the people I love.  These are not easy days for the fearful among us!

I blogged about fearlessness in a meager rambling here.  Then, just days later, I heard rumblings about an entire book  Max Lucado was writing on the subject. When he sent out a link to Chapter 1 via Twitter, I immediately rushed there to see what the wordsmith had to say about this giant subject.  A couple paragraphs into the first chapter, I felt like a kindergarten artist who had just seen a Rembrandt.  So I hid my crayon sketch behind my back, ordered the book and delved in.

I must say that “Fearless” is THE book for our time in history. Lucado captures the entire rainbow of fear flavors which we so easily swallow: the fear of not mattering, the fear of disappointing God, the fear of not having enough, parenting fears, worst-case scenario fears, fear of the future, death, violence, worldwide castrophy… on and on he goes!

Lucado calls fear out on the carpet, dethrones it, and reminds us all of Who is in charge around here.  And the best part?  The HOPE with which he speaks to our deep-seated fears… and the empathy with which he addresses the shadow fear would love to cast over our lives.

“Fearless” is a relevant, truthful guide to becoming people of courage — people who refuse to let fear rob us of the life we were created to live and the role we were created to fill in this world.

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  1. Emily,
    The first chapter really sucked me in when he posted it on Twitter as well! I have gone through times where I’ve been a very fearful being and I’ve decided that I just don’t want it anymore. I’ve been waiting so long to read this book, and today I started! Loved your review and am looking so forward to diving in.


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