Thank you, H1N1…

hand-sanitizerI’ll admit, I thought the media was being ridiculous when they started talking about the H1N1 “pandemic” when less people had been  affected by it than had caught the regular old-fashioned Influenza B virus.  But now that it’s hitting Indiana hard (and possibly your area, too) I’m starting to think maybe – MAYBE – all the warnings weren’t completely unfounded.  Local schools have had so many student absences that they’re closing school and/or tacking on extra dates to their fall breaks.  And we’re hearing about children across the nation dying from complications from the virus.  My next door neighbor informed me this weekend that one of her kids came home with it on Wednesday.  So it is literally next door now.  A little more sobering.

My daughter has been fighting allergies for a few weeks now, but when I got a call from the school Friday that she was feeling “really badly” I suddenly wasn’t as nonchalant as I might’ve been before the H1N1 scare.  I normally would’ve made her stick it out at school if she didn’t have a fever yet.  But just knowing that classmates of hers have been diagnosed with the dreaded virus made me want to get her out of there and home with me as soon as possible.  She has been pretty miserable all weekend with a head cold and she did end up running a low-grade fever, but here’s the good news.  She and I played more UNO games than we’ve been able to play together in months and she told me this afternoon that even though she was not feeling well physically, she was completely happy because we got to spend the day together.  She added that she was so, so glad that I’m her mom, stating, “I mean… what other mom knows about that tea you gave me that helped me feel better?!” (Don’t tell her that lots of moms know that chamomile tea with honey is good when you’re sick — she thinks I thought of that!)

Her joy at having me at her side all day made my day… week… maybe year.  So thanks, H1N1 for making me take very seriously the fact that my daughter needed 100% of my attention today, even for a harmless head cold.  And?  I’m rather enjoying seeing hand sanitizer everywhere I turn.  The school has already burned through their year’s supply.  YES!  I’ll donate a case of it!

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  1. Doctors are still saying that the current H1N1 flu virus is actually weaker (milder symptoms) than the normal strains of flu that go around every year. That being said, the symptoms being weaker doesn’t mean that this strain is not actually easier to spread than normal.


  2. (((((((Emily)))))))
    Great moms are rare these days and you are definitely one of them! SO glad your daughter found that out, just sorry she had to be sick. Please warn all MOMS TO BE as this virus is taking their lives too and noone seems to know why.
    Thanks for sharing and have a wondeful HEALTHY day!
    Susie Q


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