Giving Thanks

It’s late.  Pies are cooked.  This year I made three of them.  Scott’s grandmother taught me how to make homemade pie with hand-rolled crust before her health started failing.  How grateful I am that she passed along that tradition before she passed away!

In just a few hours the family will arrive and the house will be filled with the smell of turkey and all the fixings.  But in this quiet, stolen moment while the house is still, I just want to express my deep, heartfelt thanks for a a few things.

1. 20 years of marriage to the very best person in the world.

2. Health.

3. A family support system.

4. Children who are thriving.

5. A roof over our heads.

6. Food.

7. A church I actually look forward to attending.

8. Friends who really do care.

9. Friends that kinda care.

10. Small joys, like the Chihuahua all curled up next to me right now.

11. Redemption for all the mistakes I make.

12. On-going healing for my on-going brokenness.

13. A job I love.

14.  Did I mention health? Also… hubby & children’s health.

15.  Laughter.

16. A million other things that I now can’t list because the silence is broken.  Dogs need out.

17. The silent moment that I just got and the full, blessed life that broke it.

I know ending on 17 is odd, which brings me to 18.  Progress in the area of perfectionism.

Much love to you and yours this Thanksgiving.  I hope you have lots to be grateful for, too!

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