My letter to 2009.

Dear 2009,

Goodbye.  And don’t come back.  But thanks for all you taught me.  You were interesting.  I’ll give you that.

You brought upheaval and you brought to the surface every imaginable emotion.  But you also brought a tidal wave of information that has helped us help our son’s Asperger’s. You brought my daughter some beautiful moments of accomplishment that will stay with her forever.  You brought Scott and me closer together through the challenges you presented and we worked through some of the core issues that have held us back for years. You introduced us to some incredible people – friends who have encouraged us, prayed for us and enhanced our lives in a hundred different ways.  You showed us how to draw important boundaries so we can focus on our true purpose in this life.

You wore me out,  but you didn’t take me out. 2010 is here now, so I’m leaving you in the past.  I’m taking what you brought because it’s going to help me press on to whatever the future holds.  And, ironically, you showed me that the future doesn’t hold a candle to this present moment where I sit content in the Presence of the Only One who can bring true satisfaction.  So, 2009, I resisted the urge to punch you in the stomach for one reason and one alone… you made me a stronger person.

So bye.  Thanks for the memories.  Don’t let the new year hit you in the butt.


One thought on “My letter to 2009.

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  1. Sounds like both our families had similar years last year. I wouldn’t want to go through it again but we’re the better for it, thanks to the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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