Update on the “jerk” I’m forgiving!

Okay, you are NOT going to believe this.  Remember the last post where I documented the process of choosing to forgive someone who wronged my husband and me? As a sheer act of my will, each time “the jerk” has come to mind since that day, I’ve prayed that he would experience a taste of God’s grace… that, maybe for the first time ever, he would get an undeniable glimpse of God’s love for him.

Well… we learned yesterday that probably the very week I started praying for him, he nearly lost his life to an illness we didn’t know he was battling.  A friend of ours spoke to him this week and the guy told him that his organs had actually begun to shut down and he almost lost his life, but he is okay now.

I’ll admit that a tiny, evil part of me entertained the question, “Did this con-artist fabricate this ‘death bed’ story so all the people he has wronged might feel some shred of sympathy for him?”  But then I confessed my cynicism and reminded myself that the God to Whom I surrendered my anger and my desire for justice is the same God who parted the Red Sea and healed lepers, and has loved and redeemed more “jerks” than I’ll ever know (myself included).

The fact that this man is experiencing another chance at life might just mean that my prayers for him are being heard and answered with eerie accuracy.  So…bottom line… I’m going to keep praying for him.  This is powerful stuff.

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