I’ve come to believe that TRUST is possibly one of the most important factors that determine how our lives turn out.  Trust ALWAYS involves risk.  Sometimes it burns us in the butt. Sometimes it is SO worth it that we later can’t even imagine having not taken the risk.  Yet there’s no manual or risk-detector when we are faced with the decision to trust or not…

Without it, we are forced to become self-contained. That’s never good.

Without trust, we avoid connecting with others.  Or, worse, we may build an alter-ego that we bring out for public display because we are pretty sure we can’t trust others with our real selves… thus complicating our trust issues with our own lack of honesty.

We cannot love deeply without trust, and we cannot receive love without it.

Trusting God is even MORE complicated, because His perspective is SO much broader and more informed than our own.  And, of course, there’s the fact that we can’t look at the whites of His eyes to get a feel for what trusting Him might mean.  So we construct plans of our own as a safety net, just in case He lets us down.

But in all our hang-ups with trust, there is one factor we can control.  We can put our focus on being people who can be trusted.  Whether in small, everyday things like keeping a confidence… or in huge business dealings involving others’ private information… being trustworthy makes our world better.  When we hold others’ trust, we add stability to the foundation that they stand on…and that we stand on.

To be trustworthy employees means to make decisions as if we owned the company. To be trustworthy parents means that we are looking after the best interest of our children, regardless of what inconvenience it brings.  To be a trustworthy friend or spouse is to allow another person the privilege of having a fortress of acceptance and support, come what may.

Trust is BIG.  Bigger than we might imagine!  Regardless of how many times we get burned by trusting in fallible people and circumstances…and nomatter how difficult it is to trust in a God we cannot see with our eyes… still, trusting is a non-negotiable in our world.  The impact of being people who can be trusted cannot be overstated.

My family has been disappointed numerous times over the years in people who asked for our trust, then didn’t prove trustworthy.  We licked our wounds for awhile.  But do we bury ourselves alive by refusing to ever trust again?  We simply don’t have that option as humans. Sure, we are wiser and more cautious about how much risk to assume. But we simply must keep finding trustworthy souls with whom we can experience community. And part of finding those people is being trustworthy ourselves. THAT is how we find healing.

What are some ways you are hoping to prove trustworthy during 2011?!

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