Finding Sanity In This Winter Season…

As I type, there are at least 5 inches of snow on every visible surface of our neighborhood. That 5-inch layer of snow is piled on top of a least two inches of ice…and perhaps an inch or so of old snow beneath that. During the past week, the kids had a grand total of one day of school, and there is more snow on the way.

I can certainly understand why “cabin fever” is growing to epidemic proportions around here. Church was PACKED this morning. People were thrilled for the chance to get out and get a bit of human interaction.

But this is definitely a season for hunkering down, staying warm and safe, and finding joy in simple things. For me, those simple things include lots of time spent by the fireplace, lots of snuggling with my family and favorite movies, cooking meals that warm us up inside and a whole lot of hot tea.

I have to believe the four seasons are designed for our sanity (as insane as that might sound after this bizarre week of ice and snow). Each of the four seasons seems to naturally cater to our various human needs. We all have a favorite season, but it is an interesting challenge to find something about each season that we can savor and take advantage of while we have it.

I don’t like all the snowy footprints and static electricity that come with winter. But I can appreciate this time when creativity can run wild as we pass the hours staying warm and being together. Finding reasons to run the oven means lots more home-baked food than I might be inspired to create in the heat of summer. My kids are especially enjoying that aspect of this season.

When spring breaks through, it is going to feel so sweet. As soon as I see the crocuses and irises bursting into bloom, and plant new annuals around the mailbox, I am sure I’ll decide that spring is my favorite season.

When summer arrives, and the kids are off school, and the longer days end with beautiful sunsets and s’mores on the deck, I’ll declare that summer is definitely my favorite.

But then, when the summer heat breaks and we are making pumpkin bread and warming ourselves with bonfires… I’ll admit that fall is my favorite.

For now, however, winter is my favorite. Not because it’s really better than the other seasons. Surely not. I’m embracing it because, if I’m really honest, it’s exactly what I need right now.

5 thoughts on “Finding Sanity In This Winter Season…

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  1. Emily you have a wondeful way of painting pictures with words. I will say I love all four seasons even here in the Heart of FLorida, we do actually have four seasons here where I am at but it’s not quite the same as it is in other parts of the country. Thank you for your wonderful blog I enjoy reading what you have to say. God bless you and have a great Monday and week!


  2. i could engage in a flurry of creativity, drink 14.6 million gallons of hot tea (actually, i’m well on my way to that one), bake enough goodies to challenge mrs. fields, and snuggle 24/7 with people i love, and i would never declare winter to be my favorite season. i just wouldn’t.

    but i will begrudgingly admit that i have been learning a lot of lessons about slowing down, resting, and trusting in His provision over the past month and a half. so you’ve got me there. 🙂


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