16 Things I Did This Weekend Instead of Blogging

I love blogging. And I have a few in process all the time but none seemed appropriate this weekend. So rather than writing a new blog that worked or posting something I had written before that seemed oddly timed, here is what I did (not necessarily in this order)…

1. Had a quiet lunch with my husband. Alone. Out.

2. Had a quiet supper with my husband. Alone. Out. On the same day we had lunch together!

3. Took Valentine cookies (which I didn’t make) to my sister’s house to share w/ coffee.

4. Held my new baby niece for hours on end.

5. Helped my sister give baby niece a bath, with the help of my other precious niece (age 6), after which I held my baby niece once again for hours on end.

6. Watched Idiot Abroad and laughed like an idiot.

7. Went shopping for inexpensive Valentine gifts for people I love (and found a yummy little candle for me, too).

8. Took daughter to look for Valentine shirts (where she ended up also buying something for her brother for Valentine’s Day).

9. Helped son with a video commercial he ROCKED for a school project. (He did it, I just offered some technical assistance and sacrificed a few hours away from my laptop so he could use it.)

10. Ate with some dear friends at a restaurant I had never tried before and LOVED.

11. Enjoyed some incredible homemade Valentine cupcakes that my daughter made, right after enjoying a delicious meal my husband made.

12. WOW, one would think I ate way more often than normal people, but it’s really not like that. So, with that in mind, we took advantage of Subway’s 5-Dollar-Footlong deal after church.

13. Polished my nails – fingers and toes – which hadn’t been done in weeks.

14. Snuggled with my Chihuahua for hours while enjoying an “American Pickers” marathon.

15. Watched the Grammy’s and savored every wild, wacky moment — and every wild, wacky tweet about them.

16. Went 24 hours without ever opening my laptop. I’ll admit that I tweeted with my iPhone and posted some pics to Facebook but I didn’t work. At all!

Am I getting lazy? Nope. Am I neglecting my writing duties? Nope. Quite the contrary. If we write about our experiences more than we actually HAVE experiences… it’s time for a weekend filled with fun. It’s amazing how refreshing it is to unplug and soak in moments that make us happy. I highly recommend it!

4 thoughts on “16 Things I Did This Weekend Instead of Blogging

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  1. I always thought if you wanted to blog you should do it for fun, perhaps as a learning experience for others, or whatever. But never blog as if it was a “duty” or a “chore”. That would be an awful lot like a “to do” list around the house.


  2. i got a haircut. and the best part was…i got it from my little sister, so she was forced to bring my adorable nephew to see me. boom.

    ok, i really had nothing to do with her coming or bringing the baby. but it was nice to get a haircut out of it on top of all that. 🙂


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