Light At the End of a Long Tunnel

Below is a letter I wrote to a few close friends earlier today. I never intended to post it here, so for that reason I’ve edited very slightly for the purpose of this blog. But this is the only way I know to summarize what the past 36 hours have meant for my family. If you are in the middle of a difficult season, we empathize. Yet we don’t wish a moment of ours away. We have been forever changed because of it.

My Dear Friends,

I just need to take a moment to report two huge victories at the Sutherland house today!!

FIRST, we had our regular 3-month Autism/Aspergers check-in appointment with Jackson’s doctor yesterday and we received AMAZING and truly unbelievable news. Dr. Hulseman said Jackson is now clear of any bothersome symptoms of Aspergers… Her words: “At this point, what do you need me for?!” Then she added, through tears, “THIS is the outcome we hope for!”

In a million years, we would’ve never guessed that the stringent diet, the regimen of vitamins and mineral supplements, the heavy metal detox and bi-weekly IV treatments would’ve paid off so quickly and thoroughly.  He has been off the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for three months and has done tremendously (indicating that the toxicity and yeast issues which we were targeting have cleared up and didn’t return w/ normal eating).

…She will see him for a well check in one year and doesn’t need to see him sooner unless something comes up.  Many kids don’t do as well as he has done. We feel blessed beyond words. Thank you ALL for your tremendous encouragement, support and understanding as we have trudged through this journey as parents. He will always have tendencies/pre-disposition which we will watch carefully to be sure they don’t begin to interrupt his life again, but this is the best possible place to be with a condition like Asperger’s Syndrome.

SECONDLY… Moments ago, Scott accepted a position at the J.W. Marriott in Indianapolis… Marriott is a company he believes in (and to which he has been loyal long before they started making plans to build one in Indy) so we are thrilled. I don’t think it is any small coincidence that Scott received the news about this job the day after we got an “all clear” from Jackson’s doctor. Having Scott’s help and support at home has been monumentally helpful and has made our family stronger and better for having walked through our Asperger’s journey together. Both our kids needed all hands on deck during these years and, in His Sovereignty, God arranged just that.

After years of feeling that we were floating between “what was” and “who-knows-what,” this day begins a new season for the Sutherlands. Again, we couldn’t have survived the past few years without our support system, which includes YOU.

God is good.  Janet Paschal, you were right… our “Season of Suddenly” is now. God has been so faithful throughout this years-long drought. We know His nature is to sustain and love us through really hard stuff not only to refine us, but to remind us (again and again and again) that it is not circumstances that make our lives good or bad.  It is His Love, expressed in a  hundred-thousand ways, not the least of which has been through amazing people (like you) He has put into our lives! Thank you.

Much love!

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  1. I’m crying right now – because this is the perfect end to my day. God has been reminding me over and over (and over and over some more) through the details of this day that He has a plan, He’s writing a story, and He has it all figured out without my assistance. (ouch.) To read this perfect timing in your life confirms what He’s been speaking over me.

    What got me, though, was your reference to Janet’s “season of suddenly.” When I read that email from her months ago, it resonated with me so much that I had to write and tell her…and I clung to the hope that God had a season of suddenly waiting down the pike for me.

    I’d forgotten it, though, in recent days. Thank you for reminding me. It’s not coincidental. Of this I’m sure.


  2. Once again God has proved He is faithful! Your mother shared this journey with us at Grace Ministries this morning. Still praying that God will keep his hand on Jackson.


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