A Salute to Two Incredible Women on “International Women’s Day”

I learned a little late in the game that today is International Women’s Day.  I’m not sure how I missed that information before the day arrived, but I just couldn’t bear to overlook this chance to salute two of my favorite women in the world. I hope you’ll tell me about your favorite women in the comments below, because it is inspiring  for all of us to reflect on how women are making a difference in our world.

Judy Parkes – This is the woman most responsible for me turning out to be a decent, law-abiding human being.  She’s a great mom, a loving grandmother to my kids and a wonderful friend to me. She is the first person I call if I have medical questions, gardening questions, cooking questions or if I have a kid in the emergency room (which happened just last night and she kept in touch until she knew he was home safe).  She has spent countless hours planning and creating some of my fondest memories, including creative parties, meals, vacations and trips to Amish country. If people on this planet were like my mom, the world would be much more beautiful, organized, clean, well nourished, responsible and thoughtful. Also? It would smell wonderful. And the best thing about her is…she is still growing. She is still building on her strengths and working on the areas of her life she wants to improve. And that is admirable at age 39+15.

Melody Boyer – This woman is my sister, my confidante, and among the top two funniest women I’ve ever met.  She is now an incredible mother of four, wife to a very fun-loving “grown up kid” who keeps her laughing, too. She is a strong leader at a church that is making a huge difference in our community. She is incredibly resourceful (I’ve actually SEEN her successfully pull off a party with zero budget or time, and it was splendid), and if you look up “creative types” in the dictionary, her name is probably there.  Also, she can sing the wallpaper off any wall. Broadway missed out on her because she wanted a family. Having known her since the day she was born, I happen to know that she was born with a magnetic quality that makes people irresistably drawn to her.  I used to be jealous of that. Now I’m over it, and I’m just blessed to have her in my life. And the fact that she lives exactly 6.5 minutes from my house makes it possible for me to baske in her awesomeness fairly often.

Both of these women would tell you that they’re not perfect, which is why I love them so much.  They’ve shown me you can be great without being perfect. They’ve both carved out a wonderful place in this world where they are making a difference — just by being themselves!

So let’s hear about the wonderful women in your life!

One thought on “A Salute to Two Incredible Women on “International Women’s Day”

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  1. Wow! What a tribute to your mother & sister! I love your parents, they have been such a help in bringing our son & his wife to the Lord. God is good.


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