You Will Not Believe This Kid…

A friend of mine forwarded me a wonderful story about this Indiana 12-year-old named Jacob Barnett whose mind has an unbelievable capacity for knowledge and, specifically, for understanding astrophysics!  He has an IQ of 170 and he has Asperger’s Syndrome…

My mommy heart is both thrilled and heavy for this incredible kid, because a brain like this isn’t something a child asks for. This gifted mind has been bestowed on him. What his parents are doing right is focusing on what he can do and allowing him every opportunity to flourish in his incredible gift. I applaud their wisdom in helping Jacob channel his brain power into avenues that are fulfilling to him, including college level physics and calculus classes, as well as research work at IUPUI (where the university is hoping he will soon become a paid researcher).

He is certainly handling all this attention beautifully from all appearances!  What an inspiration he is!  Go, Jacob!

Here is an incredible story on Jacob here by the Indianapolis Star, with a video of him teaching calculous theory.

Read the story on here and watch a video of Jacob Barnett discussing Einstein’s theories on quantum physics.

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  1. Em, I read about this boy in the paper and just watched the Yahoo video. On the Yahoo article, another video (about 9 minutes long) was available titled, “Jacob explaining Quantium Physics Two” – As he demonstates the formula on the window of his home, I realize the only things I understand are the words in his title, “Techniques of Integration”. I started laughing uncontrolably when about the -3:11 time mark in the video he asks, “Are you beginning to understand this?” What an amazing creation of God!!


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