Repost: Live Fearlessly

superhero-capeInsecurity is a double-edged sword.  It injures the very pride from which it was born, watching itself in the mirror because it is vain then complaining about what it sees.  It thrives on visions of greatness while tying the hands of time with cowardly selfishness… the fear of being made a fool.

Insecurity feeds on false hope; and like a carrot dangling just out of reach, approval and applause are never satisfying enough to fill its neediness.  The hope it seeks is the very hope it questions and doubts again and again.  Yet insecurity, with all its faults, forces me to aim higher, reach farther and overcome the ever-heightening hurdles that make me stronger and braver.  I know of only one defense against it.  That is the refusal to let insecurity make decisions for me.

Sure, it rears its ugly head from time to time. But acknowledging it and nurturing it are two very different responses.  Rather than letting it hold its dark shadows over my head, I seek the shelter of truer things; voices who remind me who I am and why insecurity will no longer rob the world of what it needs from me.

Insecurity is weakness.  But woven into the human spirit is Eternal Hope, a power placed there by a Creator who is stronger than generations or powers or enemies that would love nothing more than to rob us of our intended purpose.   What people think, what we fear we will become, what we fear we will not become… we simply don’t have time or space in our being to give ear to those soul-robbing thoughts.

Looking around, it may seem that no one else has insecurities quite like you do.  But believe me, they do.   Very likely, they believe you are the one who is fearless.  So rise to the occasion.  Live fearlessly.  Be the bold, hopeful voice the world longs to hear.  It starts with looking people in the eye, making decisions that give you room to grow, choosing not to use the filter you once used that stopped you in your tracks.  Choose a new filter… one that does not allow insecurity to be a deciding factor.  Just do what you know you need to do.  Live moment by moment, don’t worry about where the next ounce of courage will come from.  It will be there when you need it.

Know this: insecurity comes from a lie that says you’re not worthy of influence.  Do not turn your ear to that lie.  You will not believe the freedom you’ll feel when you realize that the lie no longer has a say-so in how your life plays out.  THAT is living fearlessly.  And it is exhilarating.

(“Live Fearlessly” was originally posted in June of 2009.)

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  1. Dear Emily….I have to tell you how much I have been blessed by your blogs. This one was very close to home for me. I had been paralyzed most my life by feelings of insecurity and made some very poor choices because of it. Looking for something to fill that bottomless pit of neediness is what drove me to find Jesus, and that love and acceptance from Him began to build me up from the inside out. The more I discovered about His love for me, the smaller the hole in my heart and the more fearless I became. I know that the right kind of love can make a difference in someone’s life…but the perfect love that Jesus gives made a life changing difference in mine. I am so thankful that HE offered that to me…I call it my reprogramming experience!! Please know that I am thankful for you too!! God bless you!!



  2. Hi Emily… Thanks for the post. It strengthens me a great deal, for I was deciding on applying for something, yet fears stopped me on my track, questioning the relevance of application and how much I qualified etc. Thanks to God who used you to tell me to “make decisions that give you room to grow” and “choose not to use the filter that stopped me from my track… and choose a new filter”. Amen to the God who loves us all so much.


  3. So here goes getting over my insecurity of making a comment. Not kidding, either. I’m certain I’m not alone in this. Betting there are lots of us who read, but don’t want to comment publicly. You can count me in that group.

    You hit the nail on the head when said cowardly “selfishness”. Living fearlessly means dying to self and living for others. Yet at the same time, like you say, there is a healthy sense of fear that reminds me that I am only human and must lean on God for strength, comfort and direction. It is the same fear that led me, and others, to the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ.

    Placing my fears and burdens at His feet gives me a life of victory and “freedom” and the ability to take that leap of faith!

    Great Blog, Emily!!!


    1. Way to go, Julie… commenting is your first step toward fearlessness! Yeeeehaa!

      Thanks to everyone for the great comments! Glad I’m not the only one for whom fear has been a stifling enemy.


  4. Hi Emily, this blog hit home today made the tears flow! It brought encouragement at the moment when I needed it the most!! Thanks for being a blessing!


  5. This is very well said…and reminds me of a commitment I made earlier this year to work on “the fear thing.” I was at a retreat, and we were given paper to write something we wanted to be rid of…and then we nailed the paper to a cross. Then we stood around the cross and sang “It is Well.” When we got to the line “My sin, oh the bliss of this glorious thought…my sin not in part, but the whole…is nailed to the cross and I bear it no more…” well, I still get goose bumps just thinking about it. And yet as so often happens, I left the retreat, lived the three months that have followed, and that moment grew dim in my mind. Thank you for reminding me of what I nailed to the cross.


  6. Everything you say is true – and yet how can a person defeat insecurity when every time they try and fully put it behind them they’re told, “Be quiet! Don’t speak, don’t put yourself above others, you’ll never amount to anything because of your disability.”? I grew up disabled, in a household where those words were never quite verbalized, yet they were there, either almost said, or by others actions. I was never good enough.
    Or lose their insecurities with people if people think when you DO speak up from experience – or just have a real good idea – they think youre being condescending?


  7. Emily, keep up the good work. This writing really touched me and made me remember when I was chained by fear. Through God’s grace….I am free!


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