Bread & Water? Or Toast & Tea?!

You probably know by now that I am an extreme optimist.  You have extreme athletes, extreme couponers, and me… the extreme optimist.

I’m not talking about living in denial that times are tough and that our world can be a dismal place.  It’s just that I really, really believe there are treasures of all kinds available to those who are willing to look at life inside out, from a perspective of hope. How we think and what we believe about our circumstances affects everything about the way our lives play out, whether we like to admit it or not.

Years ago, saw a quote on a box of tea that I’ll never forget:

“It takes so little for bread and water to become tea and toast.”

At the time I found that quote I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.  Scott and I were young, inexperienced at life and new at our jobs. We were paying our dues in so many ways.  But this little idea really helped me look at our situation very differently.  Instead of focusing on what we didn’t have, I began to think how we could maximize what we did have.  I found that treasuring the little things led to a heart change, which invited other blessings and created a deep sense of contentment.  Since that time, I have consciously tried to create proverbial ‘tea and toast’ out of life’s ‘bread and water’ experiences.

As recently as this week, I bought a gluten-free soup that really did not taste good.  I was disappointed, but I hate wasting anything. At first I tried to choke it down. Then I remembered the “tea and toast” concept.  So I put it on simmer and added some handfuls of carrots, chopped parsley and garlic salt and BOOM!  That bland soup became a wonderful treat that I plan to make again soon!

I’d like to hear what ‘bread and water’ items in your life you have transformed (or would like to transform) into ‘tea and toast’ treasures.  It’s such a perfect time of year to think about how we can all make the best of what is readily available to us!

4 thoughts on “Bread & Water? Or Toast & Tea?!

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  1. This is very much where Kerri and I are at. We’re at a place where we’ve had to learn contentment. Learn patience and understand that you need to “bloom where you’ve been planted” and not try to run ahead of God to where we “really” want to be. Thanks for the blog!


  2. I love this!

    My current ‘bread and water’ situation is my *entire* current situation. Having moved to a new state/region for new jobs and a new business, having worked feverishly through the summer to adjust and get the business going, Rod and I suddenly found ourselves the products of a Stall…We’ve been down, disillusioned, and unable to control any of it. Bread and water when we were basically counting on wine and cheese!

    BUT…we also, for the first time in our marriage, have had some time to rest, to truly keep things simple, to focus on learning, growing, and having fellowship with new friends here – who all happen to be Godly people who are feeding us during this time. I know that even though my stomach is in knots for a portion of each day, I will look back on this time as a gift…as sweet tea and buttery toast 🙂



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