Underground Miracles

Every year when springtime rolls around I am bewildered all over again at the miracle of resurrection that happens in my yard and across America’s Midwest. For months the ground was frozen and the plants seemed lifeless, as if they would never return to their glory again.

Then, as the icy ground thaws and we get a few warm, sunny days, tiny green stubs emerge from the ground.  I watch them get taller each day, then one day… BOOM!  A burst of color! Every time I see a new bloom – a daffodil, a tulip, lilacs, or the flowering cherry tree – I am amazed all over again at how life goes on after what seemed like sure death. I mean, those daffodils were the epitome of nothingness a few weeks ago! Yet miracles were stirring below the surface, far before I could see them.

This cycle is such a perfect symbol for what happens inside our own souls during the various seasons of our lives.  Just when we think we will never be the same – that a dream has died forever, or our circumstances are frozen in time, or our pain will never be redeemed – the unimaginable miracle happens.  Life bursts through all the ugliness and we are amazed all over again at the miracles our Creator is capable of doing.

What a perfect time of year to celebrate Easter.  That tomb definitely looked like an end, not a beginning. But looks can be deceiving, can’t they?!  Even the most faith-filled believer couldn’t have imagined the LIFE that would burst out of that stoney, lifeless-looking place.

I think God gave us springtime to remind us of what miracles can (and do) emerge when all seems lost and lifeless.  Our Savior doesn’t do “hopeless!”  He holds the keys to life.  Death never has the final word.  Never!

4 thoughts on “Underground Miracles

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  1. Yes and amen! In fact, Jesus shows up the best when we are at our end. I love Jn 20 when Mary is crying at the tomb and Jesus walks up as asks her why she’s crying. She doesn’t recognize him until he calls her by name. Oh, to hear my name on the lips of Jesus…


  2. I was just looking at my amaryllis the other day and trying to figure out how it knows just when to come out and celebrate the resurrection! Check my FB page. Just amazing! I love the lilies. We can smell the scent of His love ~


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