Come On, Seeds!

The past few weeks have been all about sowing seeds, both literally and figuratively.  Thanks to the little container garden I’ve got going on my deck, I am finally able to put into words what I’ve struggled to make sense of until now.

I’m in the midst of a challenging season of life.  Not bad.  Just not easy or rewarding.  It has been a season heavy on sowing with very little reaping.  The “seeds” have come in many forms – choices as a parent for which the rewards may be years away, healthy choices that aren’t immediately detectable, financial goals requiring diligence and patience, prayers yet unanswered, projects that are not yet bearing fruit and, of course, actual seeds in containers on my deck sprouting tiny green things I can’t yet enjoy.

Every morning when I go out to water and nurture our little suburban garden, the changes are subtle. The radish leaves might be a millimeter or two bigger than they were the last time I watered. A few more lettuce sprouts might be peeking through the dirt.  The peppers might be taller but I can’t be sure. I keep reminding myself that the water, the sunshine, the fertilizer and TLC are making a difference in the long run, whether or not I can see changes at the rate I would prefer.  And seeing those subtle changes gives me a visual symbol for the less tangible seeds I’m trying to nurture.

With all that in mind, I just read the following in Jesus Calling:  “I want you to walk with Me in the garden of your heart, where I have taken up permanent residence.”  I read that line several times and really tried to let it sink in. Then the realization hit me that my growth must seem terribly slow for all the nurturing and longing Christ has invested in me.  He is so patient.  And I can be so clueless.  He provides everything I need and waits for me to respond. I’m working hard on strengthening my roots, yet growth does not come overnight.

So I’ll keep nurturing the seeds in my own little world with this perspective.  My Creator is growing, feeding and pruning the garden of my heart and so longs to linger there with me.  And as He does that, I am strengthened to better feed all the little seedlings I’m working on.  Somehow that helps.  Growth is not about “instant gratification” but it is happening, moment by moment, one choice at a time.

How are your seeds doing?

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