In honor of breast cancer awareness…


I took this photo of an Indiana sunset on Friday night, October 4.  Even the sky, in its silent, breathtaking beauty, seemed to be observing breast cancer awareness and honoring those who have fought so courageously.  This is for everyone whose life has been touched by this disease.

At every opportunity, let’s support the incredible efforts being made to find the cure and improve the odds!  There is some great information about breast cancer awareness at and at

3 thoughts on “In honor of breast cancer awareness…

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  1. Thank you for posting this. Too many women and their loved ones are impacted by this disease…1 in 8 women will get this disease and 80% have no family history. All of Gayle’s struggles started with this disease and we’ve lost too many just in our family circle: Auntie Wyn, Aunt Audrey, Judy Cox, Burta Raborn and Gayle Wells. All of these women exhibited such courage, strength and hope. They left me with a legacy of amazing life lessons and I am so grateful I was blessed to have them in my life.


  2. Thanks for posting this. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May and am now fighting the battle that so many other women are fighting as well. Thanking God for all of the research that has been done and for my doctors, family and friends that are walking this road with me.


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