Monday: From Groggy to Gratitude

The room is dark and cool. The bed is warm.  Surely my head is too heavy to lift off the pillow.  I hear the kids stirring and know it is time to rise, but OH how much easier Monday morning is from the vantage point of Sunday night!  Being up a little too late seemed like the perfect way to stretch out the weekend.

The lights seem harsh when we flip them on.  Even the dogs blink repeatedly as if they, too, are groggy from the full weekend. The promise of a warm cup of tea at least gets me dressed and downstairs. The conversation in my head is more like an argument with myself about whether or not to go back to bed when the kids get off to school.

But a few moments of family conversation over breakfast reminds me of all the good that the weekend held – music, beautiful meals together (and, sure, a few leftovers), late nights and sleeping in, laughter, even a bit of time to do the things that charge our individual batteries like reading, creating, laughing at favorite shows and, for my son and his buddy, deconstructing an old broken piano.

Suddenly Monday feels less dark, less cold… more full of reasons to be thankful.  Rather than anticipating all that will be required of me this week I choose to take in this moment, cradling a cup of tea and remembering our weekend.  I silently offer up a prayer of thanks for these tired-but-healthy kids at the table, who are rising to the occasion…bravely taking on a new week of school with all its stresses and proverbial landmines.

Gratitude keeps rising up from deep down. I think about how blessed we are for air in our lungs and I focus on taking deep, refreshing breaths and it feels good.  There is so much good to remember on a Monday: a roof over our heads, people who love us, cars that start. I notice this sweet man of mine pushing through his sleepy-mind to help me get breakfast on the table and kids delivered to school. More gratitude bubbles to the surface.

Last week’s bad news now reminds me of new opportunities to witness the miracles that happen when we understand that our life is in larger, more capable hands.

20131014-083423.jpgThe horizon shows off only the trees’ silhouettes on the drive to school. The school bus lights cast their glow through the neighborhood, I focus on absorbing all that is good and beautiful.  And I breath a prayer of thanks for Monday.

Following the gratitude comes hope. So much hope!  Yep. Even Monday is overflowing with goodness.

And the gratitude continues.

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