white tigerLoyalty is like the elusive white tiger. There are rare sightings; and it is incredibly beautiful as long as it doesn’t leave you for dead.

There is a reason why loyalty is near extinction — it is so incredibly risky!  Having faith in people just doesn’t always work out, if we’re honest. Loyalty  – to our leaders, spouses, families, communities and friends –  is hard because people do disappointing things. The loyal know this, yet choose not to use others’ humanity (or our own) as an excuse to be less faithful.

To some, loyalty is confused with selling out. But selling out is selfish. Loyalty requires constantly surrendering our personal agendas for the sake of long-term relationship…choosing love over lesser things. That is anything but selfish.

Loyalty is, in truth, an act of buying in. Buying in to the eternal; doing as we would like others to do unto us, rather than as they actually do.

Loyalty means making the courageous decision to risk disappointment and loss in order to be the rare person who can be counted on not to undermine, take advantage of, or betray our friends, leaders, families, churches or employers.

The loyal are not weak-willed minions who allow ourselves to be deceived or taken advantage of. We are gritty believers in a bigger picture… a world where love wins, even if we take a personal hit. That, friends, is not for the faint of heart.

One thing though. Loyalty absolutely doesn’t mean helping someone do evil or accepting abuse. Sin works in no one’s best interest. Telling the truth for the sake of love and walking in that truth, even if it means walking away, is the only right action you can take when someone’s influence is harmfully toxic.

Loyalty is most certainly not about believing in people. It is about relentlessly loving the people who have been put into our lives by a loving, wise, powerful God.

I’m challenged by these words of King David in Psalm 47:2-4, reminding me that loyalty to Him is expressed in how well I love the people He has strategically placed in my life.

“For the Lord Most High is awesome;
He is a great King over all the earth.
He will subdue the peoples under us,
And the nations under our feet.
He will choose our inheritance for us…”

Psalm 47:2-4

I am finally starting to trust that leaving my inheritance in His Omniscient hands is far less risky than grabbing it with my own grubby paws.


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