Prayer for Monday

IMG_3457As Monday overwhelms me with all my inadequacy, reminding me where all I fall short — I lean heavy into Your Sovereignty.

When I’ve done my best and it wasn’t quite good enough, I remember that I might never feel “enough” because I’m broken.

YOU, however, are not broken.

You are completely whole. And . . . You have made known everything I need to be whole.

You aren’t holding any cards behind your back that would help me gain access to your heart. Thank You for that.

The way You freely share Yourself with Your creation is reason enough to worship You constantly. Along with so many of your otherworldly attributes.

After more than 4 decades of following You, I’m just barely beginning to get a keyhole peek at just how good YOU are, and how very much I need Your thoughts instead of the ones my fumbling mind generates.

Give me Your mind and Your vision for this day, and the days that follow.

Remind me that Your opinion is the only one that really matters in the end.

YOU are the source of my joy and Your wisdom is what I need to navigate this day.

What more could a soul need on a Monday?

The answer is NOTHING. My soul needs nothing more than it needs YOU.

Amen.  And thank You for coffee.  That was such a great idea.

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground. (Psalm 143:10)


4 thoughts on “Prayer for Monday

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  1. Inadequacy on Monday must be going around… started the day with tears and questions. Tears are dry, questions remain, but I’m at peace. Thanks Em, for pointing my eyes to Jesus.


  2. Just a reminder to you that you are such a special person. Enjoy today’s beautiful weather. Wanted to let you know that I also love Sarah Young’s devotionals. My favorite is the book she sent you. Have given many of them as gifts. God bless you and yours !!

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