New Year, New Blog!

2015-fireworksFriends, I continue to be so grateful that you follow and read this little blog of mine.  I have been conspicuously missing-in-action during the past few months and I have so much to tell you!

A year ago I experienced a major life change when, after 11 years of working from home, I accepted a new position that comes with a 45 minute commute.  I still work for Gaither Music Company, but rather than working remotely I am working in the office. So 2014 was a huge year of change for my whole family.  With that change came so much growth!

I was worried that my close relationship with Scott and the kids might suffer, since our daily time together would be shorter and more divided. But the reality is, we have never been happier. We’re working as a team, perhaps as never before, to make life happen and I feel so blessed!

We also began doing some marriage mentoring last year.  It wasn’t something we planned on doing, but it has been a tremendously rewarding experience that has stoked a fire in us.  We are finding ourselves burdened and, at the same time, excited for every chance we get to help couples through tough times and help them relate to one another in a more healthy, joyful way.

These circumstances, along with some sweet affirmations, prompted my husband, Scott, and me to launch a new blog!  On January 1st we posted our first blog at and we launched an accompanying Facebook page and Twitter account!

I invite you to follow us over there if you’d like.  We are very excited to launch this blog focused on stories and encouragement for couples (and for those want to prepare for the “right one” someday).

I will keep this blog here, with the kind of stories and thoughts I have always shared, but for blog posts focused specifically on relationships, marriage and family I invite you to follow our new blog at!

Hope to see you there!  And thanks again for being part of my world!


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