The Truth About Woman Power.

flowers&lighteningDaughter and I recently had “the talk.”

No, not THAT talk. The other one.

It’s the talk about how important it is for women to understand our power.  So many women walk around threatening, or being threatened by, other women. We need each other too much to do this, sisters.

I’m treading on thin ice here, but this needs to be said…

Every single woman is given a certain beauty, whether or not we recognize it, and a unique set of gifts that empower us to change the world. These God-given gifts are like a superpower.  They come with a grave responsibility.

(Did you here that sweet girls? GRAVE. Responsibility.)

Some of us find this superpower terrifying, others find it intoxicating.  But it’s there, nonetheless. And it’s powerful.

Little girls learn quickly how to use their femaleness to manipulate and control. This mode of operation leads to less confidence, rather than more, and turns us into people we don’t even like.

Our Maker empowers us to influence the world in ways that are as unique as our DNA. But it is short-sighted to use these gifts to turn on each other or manipulate to meet our neediest needs. He surely did not give us the gift of beauty so we could look cute while we jerk each other around, or influence so we could make another human being feel small and less loved.

Woman power gone wrong is an abuse of power that we don’t like to talk about.  It ruins marriages, teams, churches, business relationships and brings important kingdom work to a grinding halt. I see it every day, all the time. I’m sure you do, too.

Misdirecting good qualities like beauty, influence and charm to serve ourselves takes us backward rather than forward as a species. It sounds counterintuitive, but trust me on this. It takes us so far backward.

Women like to remind men that we have a voice. Because we DO. We will call men out when they misuse their power.  And we MUST.  But when a woman misuses her superpowers, we hesitate to call it what it is. We prefer words like, “goal-oriented” or “strong.”  “She knows what she wants,” sounds nicer, right?

It’s no nicer.  Being goal-oriented and strong is GREAT. Just not at the expense of someone else.

No wonder loneliness is so palpable among our species.  We’re afraid. What might happen if we didn’t defend ourselves and self-protect? I get it.

It’s just so easy for us to forget how very much we are loved by our Creator — flaws and all.  We are so tempted to go grabbing for it with both fists, shielding our insecurities behind the perfect lipstick.

We really don’t have to do all that. Because our Maker gave us another gift.  Each other.

There is no more powerful way to make our mark in this world than, in Jesus words, to…“Love one another as I have loved you.”

Let’s face it, there is nothing like the rush of a good old-fashioned power trip.  But it’s a short-lived rush that is so not worth the price.

Genuine, unselfish, world-changing love opens the floodgates for all our other gifts to be leveraged for eternity.  Powerful, get-over-ourselves LOVE frees us to tap into otherworldly strength. THE Power, who moves mountains without us having to manipulate a single human being.

My daughter is watching our every move.  All our daughters are watching. Let’s show them how this is done.

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