Some Thoughts on Courage.

keep rowingI’ve been thinking a lot about courage.

Maybe that’s because school just started and I see my 16-year-old woman-child bravely facing her big world each morning, in spite of the fears lurking at the outside corners of her mind.  Or maybe courage is on the brain because my recent graduate is blazing his own unique trail into the all-new unknowns of adulthood with heroic honesty and so much class.

I had no idea how courageous they could be, especially when I know how hard it is to be brave when you’re secretly scared inside.

My sweet mama looked her mortality square in the eye last week in a medical emergency that could have potentially ended her life.  But it didn’t.  Her heart was so heavy – literally and figuratively – yet she was so brave.  Our whole family was.  Now she is doing the hard daily work of putting one foot in front of the other with a whole new set of rules. (It’s so hard when the rules change.)  Yet courage wins again.

Life can be really, really terrifying!  I try not to dwell on it, because it can really freak me out how scary life gets.

If you are anything like me, perhaps you could use a little reminder that YOU CAN DO THIS. Definitely. You SO can!

If you are facing proverbial uncharted waters (and really, who isn’t?!) fear can paralyze you. OR.  It can just motivate you to keep rowing.  The “keep rowing” option doesn’t mean you aren’t scared. I know (believe me, I know) it is easier said than done to move forward when you’re afraid.

Courage doesn’t keep us from feeling scared.  But courage does keep fear from winning.

But here’s the really great part: We’re all in the SAME BOAT.

We all get scared. But we don’t have to be scared alone, and we don’t have to stop rowing just because of a little (or big) fear.

I know life is terrifying.  But the One Who created us said: “…Take heart, for I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

If we follow Him, and stick together, and row, row, row our boat… we will go places and do things we never dreamed possible.

What are the things you’d dream of doing if fear wasn’t an issue?  Because I’m just sayin… fear isn’t nearly a nice enough companion to rob you of your dreams.

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