A Life Lesson from Bugeling Elk

Sunset At the OxbowYou guys!  Vacation is miraculous!  Hubs and I just took a real, live, head-for-the-hills VACATION.  No kids, just us!  This is just one of the many payoffs for raising responsible human beings: they watch the house and the dogs while we go recover from a year of doing all the stuff.

We hiked through the woods, ate food that we didn’t have to prepare, and went on nightly drives in search of wildlife and perfect sunsets (like the one pictured above). It was simply glorious.

One evening, our wildlife searched took a huge step up when we  pulled off onto the shoulder of the road, rolled our windows down, and were treated to a symphony of elk bugeling. It’s something they do this time of year.  (Mating season…don’t even ask.)  Craziest thing you’ve ever heard. And you’re getting ready to hear it for yourself.

I know I haven’t exactly offered a plethora of fancy giveaways here on the blog. (Yet. But stay tuned.)  For now, by golly, I’m sharing with you a never-before-published elk bugeling symphony straight from our vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (and recorded on my Samsung 5S Active). I obviously love you a lot, because I’m letting you in on  one of the most awe-inspiring moments of vacation. (You’re welcome.)

Listen to the Elk Bugeling Symphony here!

Why do I share this elk bugeling craziness (other than the fact that IT’S SO CRAZY AWESOME)? Well, here’s the thing. The high pitched little-girl-scream you hear is actually coming from a huge barrel-chested bull elk with antlers to the heavens. He was a stud!  When the moon caught him just right, we could not believe the imposing presence standing just to our left!  But bless his giant bull elk heart.  He was calling out to his herd in a pitiful, raw, screechy elk language we didn’t even know existed.

Listening to the mournful cries of these majestic elk trying to find each other in the dark reminds me of people we all know. The ones we think are shining examples of strength and dignity, yet who are crying out, hoping with everything in them that they’re not alone.

I just wanted to remind you, as “Screechy the Bull Elk” reminded us, that the most beautiful, admirable, towers of strength we know still have a raw, vulnerable self that cries out in the dark and desperately needs to know someone is there for them.

Don’t let appearances fool you.  We all need to know our tribe is with us.  If someone’s name comes to mind right now – someone strong who doesn’t seem to need anything from anyone – I encourage you to give him or her a call, set up time for coffee, or just let them know you care.

Brace yourself for more vacation stories yet to come. This one happened to emerge first for obvious reasons.  You just can’t ignore that bugeling.

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  1. The elk was totally awesome! And so were your words. I agree we all need to know someone is there for us. I’m retiring this November so I still want to be needed. Thank you again for your true words. And the elk singing too!


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