If You’re Dreaming of the Promised Land…

My husband and I spent years dreaming of our “promised land.”  Our early years were filled with paying our dues, learning, struggling and dreaming it would all pay off.  We kept watching the horizon for a break, and sometimes not very patiently.

During that season, we would read about how the children of Israel wandered through the wilderness for 40 years before they entered the Promised Land. We could somehow relate.  I’m pretty sure we secretly begged God not to make us wait 40 years before we experienced that proverbial “land of milk and honey.”

What we have learned since those early years is that you don’t get milk and honey without cow poo and bees.  Think about it.


We live in a fallen world where healing comes out of pain, forgiveness comes after hurt,  growth comes after mistakes, and blessing comes from doing hard things.

And the thing we have that those Old Testament folks didn’t have is the Holy Spirit, blessing us with His Presence.  That blessing is right here, right now.  He is already in the process of making honey and milk right where you are.

I just want to remind everyone who is in the trenches, doing your best, hoping it’s all going somewhere… we get it.  It’s going somewhere.  In fact, it’s already happening.  Don’t get sidetracked when you see bees and poo. They’re all part of the deal.  That doesn’t mean He isn’t blessing all the sacrifices you are making. Keep going!




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  1. I love this, Emily. Bees and poo it is, and because of both the soil is rich, the plants are pollinated, and we will have flowers and food–come spring!

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